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Plant genomics incorporates many genetic practices including genotyping, cloning, genetic modifications, and molecular diagnostic testing.  Plants have three types of DNA: chromosomal (13 chromosomes), mitochondrial, and chloroplast.  Each type of DNA can be included in these molecular practices depending on the expected outcome.  DNA can influence growth rate, gender change, resistance to pathogens, and the type and quantity of metabolic products produced by the plant.

Genotyping allows identification of plants at the genus, species, strain, and substrain level which can be tied to geographical origins, plant ancestry, and identification of genetically modified plants.  DNA sequencing provides the road map for performing gene-based breeding to improve plant production and create novel strains.  The availability of multiple complete assembled genomes will revolutionize the cannabis industry.

The Open Cannabis Project ( has focused on cannabis sequencing, but has only produced partial sequences with a focus on genes in critical metabolic pathways.  Difficulties with obtaining a complete genome sequence is related to its size (800 million bases) and the number of repeat sequences found throughout the genome.

Sangre AgroTech has devised a sequencing strategy to overcome these difficulties.

Modern sequencing instruments and methods allow deep sequencing of the genome with subsequent assembly to obtain complete sequences.  Sangre AgroTech is currently working on five cannabis genomes of keystone plants identified in an extensive worldwide collection of cannabis plants. Comparisons of these genomes in conjunction with their products is the foundation to Sangre AgroTech’s medicinal marijuana business plan.  Analysis of the DNA sequencing data on very powerful computers available to Sangre AgroTech allows efficient assembly of the genome with high accuracy, and points the way to development of powerful genotyping schemes as well as improvements in production quantity and quality of metabolites.  This is the foundation of Sangre AgroTech’s mission to produce cannabis strains that express desired characteristics for the treatment of disease and drug discovery.

Application of the power of the genome equals Cannabis. Redefined.

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